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Prior art Search Firms
25 Feb, 2022 0 Mente Admin

Top 10 Prior Art Search Firms

Are you planning on hiring a professional for your prior art search firms requirements? You have made the right decision as the experienced professionals can guarantee you more efficient results. There are many popular prior art firms that are offering great services to organizations or businesses.

There are many different prior art search firms available across the globe. However, one needs to hire the best to help you get the fruitful results. Some people are not aware of how to apply for the patent grant requirement. The professionals are required to guide the new businesses to enter into the world of getting their inventions patented.

Prior art search is essential to find out if there is no similar invention to any other name before the date of application. For better information, you need to choose the best prior art search firm for your requirements to get adequate solutions.

Follow this article till the end to know about the ten best patent search firms. Their offering as a service organizations and helping them get a grant for their patent.

1.CPA Global

CPA Global is yet another global leader in offering IP assistance to the clients. They offer efficient patent prior art search services to help the clients make efficient IP decisions. They have a proficient team of experts to handle in-depth search and analytics of patents to help you prepare the documents essential for filing a patent claim. CPA Global has assisted over 2000 corporations by now and is highly reliable for productive outputs. The team is aware of the research theory, law, and technology that is essential for running an in-depth analytical search for prior arts. The results derived by the company are precise and accurate to help the R&D teams of the organizations. It helps to improvise on the invention or make a major decision towards filing a claim.

2. Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics is a trusted global company that offers accurate insights and information to meet the pace of innovations coming up from diverse organizations. It offers academic research and runs scientific analysis for running the prior art search. They has the right kind of patent intelligence, and are well aware of the compliance standards. They will ensure to offer complete critical data or information to help the organizations with their patent claims. Clarivate Analytics serves customers from all sectors such as universities, government organizations, corporations, law firms, funding organizations, non-profits, and others. 

3. Cardinal IP

Cardinal IP is one of the leading companies of US known popularly for its prior art search or patent search services. They have over 150 US professionals working seamlessly to offer adequate IP services without leaving any loopholes. The technologies used by the company are optimal for the security standards that enhance the protection of client data. They offer various patent searches services such as clearance search, accelerated examinations, Landscape search, prior art search, and others. They make sure to run an in-depth search to prepare the reports and documents essential for the clients to file patent claims. 

Babaria IP & Co.

It is a premium law firm that has expertise in the field of prior art searches. The company was established back in 2005 and offers patent search services, trademark services, litigation, and others. They have so far completed search and application filing for over 250 patents. The firm is based in India but is now spreading to most parts of the world to offer its prior art search services. It does have foreign clients under its name, which adds to its brand value. They hold an experience of 15 years in this field and are very much responsive to the needs and requirements of the clients or organizations. Their team handle the services for filing, registering, searching, and prosecuting patents for the organizations. They have a team of professionals to execute this task.


LexOrbis is yet another popular organization that is offering a prior art search services to government organizations as well as other high-tech corporate companies. There are many different types of services that are offered by LexOrbis associated with the patenting. They have a good record of patent filing for most of the organizations by now. It is one of the best prior art search firms that consists of 35 IP experts to attend the queries and questions of the organization and proceed with the prior art search job.

It has also extended its branches to different countries across the globe to help give accurate search results for all types of patents without much hassle. The expert team working at LexOrbis know the strategies to approach for the prior art search requirements. They have the ability to shortlist the references as fast as possible because multiple experts work on a single project. With effective collaboration, LexOrbis can guarantee accuracy beyond everything. Therefore, if you are looking for prior art search services for your patent, then reach out to LexOrbis and let them handle your filing requests as well.


DexPatent has started as a branch of Dextrasys Technologies Pvt Ltd. The company did a great job by offering IP strategy, prior art search services, monetization, creation, analytics, and other services. DexPatent is one of the most efficient prior art search firms amongst all others in this list that offers progressive services for helping the company patent to get a grant. This industry was found in 2006 and has already attended patent claims of many organizations. DexPatent has its branches in India, Canada, US, and Asia. They are widely known for their faster work delivery, quicker execution, and excellent services. The specified experts to handle different services associated with patents or inventions by organizations such as creation, search, monetization, management, and others.

Invn Tree

The patent services are now experiencing a better scale with the help of Invn Tree. They have a proficient team of experts who are helping the clients in their prior art search requirements at affordable pricing. The main reason for it to be on the best prior art search firms list is that it is quite affordable. Some of the highly preferable services of Invn Tree are patent filing, patent search, patent analysis, patent drafting, maintenance, and others. The company was established in 2010 and has grown in terms of expertise and knowledge on patents. The main agenda of Invn Tree is to help the organizations get their patent grants without much hassle of spending time and money.

Menteso Inc.

Are you looking for one of the best companies for your prior art search? Menteso Inc.

has the right expertise to attend your patenting needs with over 300 IP strategists in their team. They are global leaders and innovating catalyst in handling all the patient-oriented services. Their global presence is remarkable, and many organizations are now turning up to Menteso Inc. for their patent needs. They are offering prior art search services to find the patents and non-patent literature that are in resemblance to your invention. The R & D departments can work on the results to amend the invention. It helps them to enhance its chances of getting approved by the authorities for a grant.

Synoptic IP

Synoptic IP is one of the top companies with a team of professionals possessing adequate knowledge about patenting services. The organizations need adequate search results for expecting grant approval from the respective organizations. Some of the services offered by the professionals of Synoptic IP are prior art search, patent licensing, patent prosecution, patent litigation, and others. These are just a few of the many services offered by Synoptic IP. This company was found in 2012 and had immense experience in the field. Moreover, many companies are turning up to Synoptic IP for their patent search, patent filing, and registering services. The experts offer such services without much hassle.

Sagacious IP

Sagacious IP is an expert firm that offers patent search services, licensing services, patent monetization services, IP filing, IP prosecution, and others. They have received several awards for putting up impeccable work delivery by attaining client satisfaction. They offer innovation management and technology scouting services for the IP lifecycle. The team offers affordable yet quality services to clients and organizations to get an easy patent grant. The services offered here are fast and reliable. The company was established in 2008 and is offering quality services since then.

Prior Art Searchers

Prior Art is a prominent company that offers IP search solutions for organizations to help them in submitting their patent applications. They are a division of Menteso, Inc. The prior art search services offered by the company involves in-depth analysis without leaving any loose ends. They have over 100 dedicated IP professionals who are the strong end of the company for patent filing organizations. Not only that, but they also assist the clients or organizations with infringement research. The firm has a global reach and is now adapting its technological ability to implement human intelligence and technology landscaping. Their team consists of proficient experts who are destined to deal with prior art studies. Also, they create accurate reports and documents before the submissions are made.


Stellarix is a global market search company that emphasizes on prior art research services for critical innovation. The company started its journey in 2009 and is offering excellent services since then. The prior art search offered by Stellarix consists of analytical depth consideration, consulting, and research aspects. They offer all services associated with patents along with technology research and market research services. The company now has over ten years of experience within which it has accumulated professional experts to execute the search and filing tasks of patents for clients and organizations.

Ip Metrix

Ip Metrix is yet another popular prior art search firm that has over ten years of experience in the field of patent searching and patent filing. The company has certain special areas of operation, such as IP research, patent search, IP commercialization, and IP protection. This company has a good history of assisting the organizations in getting easy grants for their patents to post effective prior art search results. Ip Metrix helps derive the accurate prior art search results from attaching it onto the patent application submission to ensure a high chance of your patent application approval.


These are a few of the top prior art search firms that offer great solutions to meet the diverse needs and requirements of the clients and consumers. There are many organizations that are looking for professional guidance to get them to pass through the prior art search phase. Many people who want to save a few bucks can go for doing it yourself, but it would probably lead you to miss out on some important search references. This might get you into trouble while cross-checking. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals on priority to handle the patent search services. In the meanwhile, you can consider those references and make amendments to your invention.