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25 Feb, 2022 0 Mente Admin

How to Protect Your Innovative Idea and Invention With a Patent

Do you have a great business idea? Do you wish to protect your innovative idea and invention with a patent so that nobody steals your innovative idea? Well, in that case, you’ve probably landed at the right spot!

Whether you need to safeguard your automobile design patents idea or seeking a reliable way to secure & protect your innovative idea; you just need to get legal protection from one of these categories- trademarks, copyright, and patents. 

Most of the innovators rely on professional patents search services to ensure their design ideas do not get stolen and they can work on them in the future. 

Here’s a brief introduction to all the practices that ensure the overall security of your design patent. 

Consider Patents

Any person who invents any new process, the machine, or any other design can surely get a patent to obtain a patent from the respected state or country through the trademark office. 

One must apply for a patent to ensure their design or invention can never be used by the ones that aren’t authorized for the same. You must first perform a patent availability search and find out whether the patent for a similar design or invention is already available or not. 

You can then apply a patent request as per your country or state’s regulations to submit a patent. Once your patents are approved, you can be sure enough that even if someone tries to steal it, you can take the necessary legal action against the same. 


When you apply for a trademark, the law provides you the exclusive right to use your mark on the services or goods that you provide and nobody else could use that particular mark for their services or goods. 

One can easily register their trademark with your state/country and gain numerous benefits. 

An original idea like a song, screenplay, or story can be copyrighted in your state/country. No one could use your original creation without providing you the credits of rights and the decided fees.