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Prior Art Search Cost
25 Feb, 2022 0 Mente Admin

How Much the Prior Art Search Cost?

Prior Art Search Cost – If you are an industry and your R&D team have some new invention to get it patented. But before you file your patent application, you need to get your prior art search done proficiently with legit reports and references. Prior Art Search is the ideation or reference analysis that assists the people to look for similar ideas that are public. This helps determine the patent chances of your invention. So, you need to make it count.

In this article, you will know about the cost of Prior Art Search for patent along with the factors that affect it.

Charges For Prior Art Search Services

There are two stages of cost expenditure for the patent process. Firstly, you need to hire a professional who will conduct a prior art search for your invention. The team will help you find results and generate reports for your patent to determine the chances of approval. After that, you need to attach those documents and search results and submit them to the government organization for further evaluation.

These are the two stages, and both require a minimum pay for seamless execution of patent registration work.

Professional Prior Art Search Charges

The professional Prior Art Search service providers state different packages with varying prices. You need to check out these variations and know the policies of the professionals before handing them over the prior art search job.

Some of the professional firms offer a flat rate as prior art search costs while some firms take hourly charges. An hourly fee for the prior art search is usually preferred when you want the professional to sort through the provided information and give ideal options for your patentability.

The fee for the prior art search services depends upon the method that the professional use. You need to hire the firm after knowing the procedure they follow. If the invention is small and the complexities are less than the charges will eventually be less around $100.

The price will be less if the professionals need to put in less effort for the prior art search of your invention. If your inventions are complex and have more features and technology embedded onto it, then prior art search will be in-depth and more references can be found from the search results.

Therefore, in-depth prior art search costs can be higher up to $2000. It is an estimate as the price can go up depending upon the complexity of the search. Some of the firms also offer packages for multiple prior art search services. This is applicable to the businesses or industries that require patenting very often. It is better to pay for a package rather than individual pay.

Government Fees for Further Search

After the submission of the patent application along with the prior art search results, the Government agency you have applied to will do its own evaluation. The approximate charges for small businesses for a patent application are $300, while larger businesses need to pay around $600 for the patent application evaluation and processing.

These are the basic costing information for prior art search pricing from professionals. You can also do it all by yourself, but to get an in-depth analysis, it is better to hire professionals for the job.

Factors Based on Which the Prior Art Search pricing is Decided

There are certain factors based on which the entire costing is stated by the professionals. You need to look up to those factors to get clarity about the charges that you are paying for your prior art search. The factors include:

  • The type of search requests, such as collection, novelty, or invalidity, impacts the overall prior art search cost. Different search intensities have variable costs.
  • The invention complexity is yet another important factor that fluctuates the prior art search pricing.
  • The time of the entire prior art search project also varies the pricing of the services.

These are some of the essential factors that are quite impactful in helping people understand the breakdown of this service pricing.

Different Types & Cost of Prior Art Search Services

Here are some of the details of different types of prior art searches or patent searches usually preferred along with their pricing:

Novelty search with medium complexity

Novelty search with medium complexity of the invention applicable for mechanical & electrical products will cost around $300-$600. This type of search focuses on the core patenting qualities in the invention.

Novelty search for high complexity

Novelty search for high complexity of invention applicable for mechanical and electrical products will cost around $600-$700. Here, the professionals will handle high complexity inventions to derive the patentability qualities of it with efficient prior art search.

Novelty Search Based on Electronics, Software & Business

The novelty search for the inventions based on electronics, business or software, will cost you around $700-$900. Novelty search price varies depending upon the type of invention. For the chemical, biotech, medical and genetic inventions, the cost will range from $700-$1400.

Prior Art Patent Collection Search

The prior art patent collection search costs around $800-$1500. Under this search, the process of evolution of technology used in the patents is shown. This search service covers all expired and unexpired patents for extracting references.

Prior State of Art Search

The prior state of art search gives an update about the technology being used in the current area. The price of this search service is around $800-$1500.

Infringement & Non-Infringement prior art search

Infringement prior art search or non-infringement prior art search is the type where the professionals will look for all un-expired patents that can cause problems for you to sell or use your invention. This search service will cost you around $1500-$3000. There is yet another search type named ‘clearance search.’ The role of this search service is to do an infringement analysis but by including the expired patents as well. The price for this search is also around $1500-$3000.

Validity or Invalidity Prior Art Search

Validity or Invalidity prior art search is all about comparing your patent claims with the claims of the unexpired patents along with all other relevant prior arts. This is done for checking the validity. The cost for this search service from professionals is about $2500-$10000.

Hourly Rates For Prior Art Search

For all the types of prior art searches for patents, the hourly rate remains $100 per hour. You need to contact the professionals for the conditions applied to avail it.

Importance of Hiring Cost-friendly Prior Art Search Services

There are many professional firms that are offering assistance to the people or organizations for getting their patent application ready. The professional prior art search service providers offer extra-ordinary perks apart from being cost-friendly.

Here are some of the detailed perks that explain the true efficacy of hiring professional prior art search services:

Best time saver

If you are too busy in your work schedule and want to spend a little more time with your invention, then hire professional services. The professional prior art search service providers will handle all the hassle research work and help you save a lot of time. For a high chance of successful patenting, an in-depth prior art search is essential. The prior art search professionals can help you find better references for your patent.

Helpful results

The results derived by the professionals will help the people modify the technologies of their innovation. They can implement the results and do variations to make the design perfect before processing the application to the next stage. You can guide your R&D team to go through the provided results for any change or modification required. This would assist the businesses to strengthen their patent application.

Result analysis

 Even after the prior art search references are out for your patent, you still need a proper analysis of it. This report or result analysis will help you find any similarities for your technology in the invention amongst the expired or un-expired patents. Moreover, it is better to use the understanding of your invention and the technology. This result analysis will help you check the technical efficiency of your invention.

Better Patent Claim

With the assistance of professional prior art search services, the patent claim of your industry can stand out amongst other patent applications. They will arrange all the search documents and results to attach it with your patent application. They will also help you forward the request to respective government agencies. If there is any kind of infringement claims in the future, the research done by the prior art search professional is going to help you deal with it. A novel technology needs a professional patent search expert to derive the best features of it and ensure it stays unique.


These are a few of the things that you must know about the costing factors of Prior Art Search services. Along with that, now you might have clear thoughts about the importance of availing cost-effective professional services. If your R&D team has some idea about new inventions, get it patented post prior art search from professionals. Find the best firm that offers the services and keep in mind the costing factors and variations.