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10 Sep, 2019 0 Menteso

Filing Receipt

After filing of the Patent Application with the PTO, we receive an e-filing acknowledgement stating the Patent Application has been received by the PTO. Once the USPTO record the Patent Application and its detail, it sends Filing Receipt to the Applicant. The Filing Receipt is the very first document received from Patent Office after Patent Application is Filed. This document has all the details of the Patent Application recorded by PTO. Thus, the applicant should verify all the details recorded by PTO in the Filing Receipt as any error may affect the Patent Right for the Invention.

Here is the list of details, we should check thoroughly in the Filing document:

1. Related Domestic Applications (if any) 

2. Related Foreign Applications (if any) 

3. Filing Date of the Patent Application 

4. Name and Spelling of all the Inventor/inventors 

5. Applicant 

6. Title of the invention

7. Entity

The life of the Patent is calculated from the Filing Date mentioned in the Filing Receipt. The rights to Patent is given to the Applicant as well as the inventor/inventors as per the records mentioned in the received the Filing Receipt.

Here is the list of details to be docketed in your docketing system is given below:

1.  Confirmation Number

2.  Filing Date

3. Application Number

The Application number helps in checking the status of the Patent Application with the USPTO. The filing date is the date from which the life of Patent is calculated. Thus, we should make sure to verify the document in the Filing Receipt with the efiling acknowledgement.

We should request for Corrected Filing Receipt if there is any discrepancies.  We receive the corrected or updated document within couple of weeks in response to the request.

The PTO office sends notice to File the correct Documents if they find any discrepancies. We receive notices such Notice to File Corrected Application Papers, Notice to File Missing Parts etc.

This helps in tracking the progress of the Patent Application.




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