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PatentKart was started to help inventors and small businesses protect their inventions, designs, or ideas.

Founder of PatentKart, Azam Ghani, is a law graduate from the University of California Berkeley specializing in Intellectual Property Laws. He is also the founder of the International Intellectual Property Law Association, Inc. (IIPLA), where he has built a community of worldwide IP professionals.

After being in the community of Intellectual Property Professionals, WE FOUND A PROBLEM,
All the law firms were focusing on big clients and they were ignoring individual inventors and small companies that need help with protection of their great ideas. Our beloved inventors, startups and small companies were facing tremendous challenges in managing their patent applications.
Either the cost of those so called patent firms were so high for individuals and small inventors or there were some hidden charges which inventors and small companies had to bear once they get involved with a law firm. Costs of regular law firms were running from 10000 USD to 25000 USD for one patent application preparation. These initial costs were unbearable by startups and small & medium corporations.
When some started doing it themselves they realized that it is not possible to achieve professional level of patent application. They find it when the examiner at the USPTO rejects the application on a petty stuffs.
Multiple other methods were tried however they ended up with the same fate that the patent was rejected without proper construction of claims or specifications.

PatentKart created an easy process for inventors and small companies to create high-quality patent applications at a reasonable price.

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About Our Clients


Our clients have received funding from top notch venture capitalists including Khosla Ventures and Samsung Venture Investments.


Our clients have sold their companies to some great acquirers including HP and VMware. We helped them with patent protections.