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Provisional Patent Application India Example
19 Jun, 2023 0 Editorial Team

A Comprehensive Example of a Provisional Patent Application: Protecting Innovation!


A provisional patent application is a crucial step for inventors seeking to safeguard their innovative ideas. This article provides a detailed example of a provisional patent application to illustrate the elements and structure required to effectively protect an invention. By understanding the components of a provisional patent application, inventors can gain insight into the process and ensure comprehensive protection for their groundbreaking inventions.

Example of a Provisional Patent Application

  1. Title: “Enhanced Solar Panel System for Increased Energy Efficiency”
    • Choose a short, specific, and searchable title that accurately describes the invention without using trademarked terms or names.
  2. References:
    • List and compare other inventions and patents related to the same problem, highlighting the uniqueness or improvement of your invention.
  3. Abstract:
    • Provide a concise description of the invention, summarizing its key features without going into excessive detail.
  4. Field of Invention:
    • Explain how your invention relates to existing technologies or products within a specific technical field, emphasizing its unique contributions.
  5. Background Information:
    • Discuss the previous use of similar inventions, existing problems, and the motivation behind developing your invention.
  6. Summary of the Invention:
    • Provide a brief overview of your invention, highlighting its purpose, functionality, and advantages over existing solutions.
  7. Drawings:
    • Include labeled figures and drawings of your invention to visually aid understanding. Refer to them in subsequent sections using consistent numbering and terms.
  8. Detailed Description of the Invention:
    • Describe every aspect of your invention in detail, covering its components, operation, and any unique or innovative features. Make references to the drawings for clarity.
  9. Examples of How It Will Be Used:
    • Illustrate potential applications and benefits of your invention by providing specific examples. This helps demonstrate its practicality and market potential.
  10. Claims:
    • List the claims of your invention, defining its scope, purpose, and specific characteristics in clear and concise language. These claims determine the protection provided by patent law.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Who may file for a provisional patent?
No matter if your invention is software or a machine, you can file a provisional patent application before you’ve finished creation. It is necessary that you be able to describe it and visualise how it should appear.

What will happen if my provisional patent application is incomplete?
Until you submit an application for a non-provisional patent, the USPTO does not closely review provisional patent application forms. You won’t be enabled to use the early filing date in your patent if your provisional application lacking the necessary or accurate information.

What happens if I make changes to my idea after submitting a provisional patent application?
When you submit a non-provisional patent application, further details and more official drawings and photos may be included.

Is applying for a provisional patent more affordable?
The number of claims you make about your invention and if you engage an attorney to assist you in filing your application will determine how much you pay. Not every claim needs to be included in your provisional patent. This reduces your expense. When you submit an application for a non-provisional patent that contains all the claims, you must still pay the full cost.

How much time after submitting the provisional patent form must I submit a non-provisional patent application?
An application for a non-provisional patent must be submitted within 12 months.

Even if I don’t submit a non-provisional patent application, can anyone find my prior provisional patent application?
No. As long as you don’t submit a non-provisional patent application afterward, provisional patent applications do not become public.

Are drawings required in the provisional patent application?
Figures and drawings should only be included in your application if they assist in understanding your invention. Drawings are not always required for method or chemical compound patents.

Is software patentable?
Since 2014, the USPTO has rejected certain software patents and stopped the application process for others. Usually, software that makes a computer run better—such as faster processing or better security—is allowed.

Should software firms submit patent applications?
For software companies, a provisional patent application can be an excellent option. You have a year to observe whether the government modifies the software patent law. You may protect your algorithm as a trade secret if you choose not to apply for the non-provisional patent.