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16 Oct, 2018 0 Menteso

4 Best IP Docketing Softwares For Small And Medium Law Firms

Do advanced features make the IP Docketing system best?

I understand it is quite puzzling to figure out what are the best IP docketing systems out there in the market. These days, docketing systems come with many advanced features. However, the question is, does a particularly advanced feature makes a docketing system best? Probably, no.

Five parameters for choosing the best IP Docketing (Intellectual Property Docketing) software.

The reason for my answer in negation is an age-old trite quote, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” What I am trying to say is that the IP docketing system can be declared best depending upon the needs of the users. I used the following five parameters to decide the four best IP Docketing or Intellectual Property Docketing software systems. I believe that every user looks for the following traits while choosing an IP docketing software.

  1. Cost
  2. User Interface
  3. Automation
  4. Documents
  5. Auto-Docketing

Table: Comparison of four IP Docketing softwares

S. No. Software Cost Web-based Documents Billing Private Pair Client View AutoDocketing
1 AppColl Prosecution Manager Starts at $100 a month Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes, partial monitoring required. US-based only. Foreign needs manual entry.
2 Alt Legal Starts at $75 per month Yes Yes No No Yes Yes, it automatically calculates deadlines for trademarks, US patents, and TTAB proceedings. Monitoring required. Foreign needs manual entry.
3 DocketTrak Starts at $75 per month Yes Yes No Yes Yes Automated trademark and deadline creation.  Requires manual intervention for both trademark and Patent 
4 FlexTrac Starts at $99.95 per month Yes. It also comes in the server-based package. Yes Yes No No Yes, partially, monitoring is required. Further, their best features seem to be available in the server-based offer.

Which IP Docketing Software wins the race?

Considering the features, usability, and experience Menteso IP believes AppColl Prosecution Manager wins the race of IP Docketing or Intellectual Property Docketing software systems for small and medium law firms. AppColl has very easy to use interface with seven modules and no clutter in the user interface.

Who is the second-best?

The second best software that comes to mind is Alt Legal. If you don’t have to track your billing, Alt Legal can save some costs. Automated reminders, USPTO tracking, and USPTO updates notification are quite good at Alt Legal.

Who seems powerful?

Dockettrak is easy to use. Though, DocketTrak looks like basic software. Nevertheless, the most noteworthy feature with DocketTrack is that you can store unlimited records even with the basic package. Further, another great feature I like is client access, that too unlimited clients. As a result, one of our clients preferred this software over all others. Probably, because of the unlimited records and client access as a major reason. I believe this is one of the potential features the law firms always crave. DocketTrack has implemented client features smartly by merely allowing the creation of a user with limited access to particular client data.

Who can be available on an in-house server?

Above all, the fourth IP Docketing software FlexTrac is a robust system when deployed on a server. In contrast, the web version seemingly needs to catch up. If you recognize that your data needs to be saved strictly into your systems, you can consider the server version of this software. Notwithstanding, the server version might be a little costlier than the web version because of the upfront costs.

Finally, everything is in front of you; you need to take a call considering your requirements. You can also Contact Menteso IP for suggestions to your specific requirements. We wish you good luck with your choice of IP Docketing software.


Menteso IP is not in collaboration with any of the above software providers. Our views are for information purposes only and bear no legal liabilities.  We are sharing the information on our usage basis only. We have expertise in providing remote managed docketing services on all of the above IP Docketing or Intellectual Property Docketing Systems, including AppColl, Alt Legal, DocketTrak, and FlexTrac. Together with these systems, Menteso IP has the expertise and hands-on experience of providing services on other docketing systems as well, including Foundation IP, Anaqua, CPi, IP Manager, Memotech, IPFolio, etc. Contact us for our services-quote today.


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